Slow Roasted "Eye of the Round Roast" with Chimichurri


Slow Roasted "Eye of the Round Roast" 

How do you cook a lean and budget-friendly cut of meat like an eye of round roast? You slow roast it in the oven, let it rest, and finish it with a reverse sear.

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What you need:

Eye of the Round Roast


Olive Oil



Onion Powder

Sea Salt

Remove the silvery skin with a sharp chef's knife. Most roasts will have this removed, but I find they always miss some.


Pat the roast dry with paper towels. A dry roast browns better and helps the seasoning stick to the roast better.


Drizzle olive oil over the roast and use your hands to rub it all around. This will help seasonings stick better!


Add the seasoning to a bowl and combine thoroughly. Distribute the seasoning evenly to all sides of your roast.


Place the roast into the center of your roasting pan or cast iron. Fat side up if your roast has the fat cap.


Insert your meat probe into the thickest part of the meat. Transfer it to your preheated oven at 170 - 200 degrees Fahrenheit (77 - 93 degrees Celsius). Cook low and slow until the internal temperature reaches your desired doneness.


Take the roast out of the oven, place a foil tent on top, and let it rest for 10 minutes up to 2 hours.


About 20 minutes before you are ready to eat, preheat your oven to 500-550 degrees Fahrenheit (260-288 degrees Celsius). Reverse sear your eye of round roast for about 10 minutes or until a nice bark forms.


Transfer it to a cutting board and carve it against the grain for the best result. Since we let the roast rest after cooking it low and slow, we do not have to let it rest again, which I love.

Cooking Tips

Avoid high-heat recipes when cooking cuts of meat like the eye of round, bottom round, or top round roast. Learn how to cook low and slow to transform these affordable beefy cuts into mouth-watering family meals.


Reverse searing, searing your roast at the end rather than the start, has numerous benefits. Easier to plan, more control and prevents overcooking, and more consistent internal color and internal doneness.



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